APPROTECH Porous Pipe Pvt. Ltd. (APPPL) was established in the year of 2008. Moreover, APPPL is the only company in India manufacturing Porous Pipe. Also it is the only company with requisite data and experience for adaptability of Porous Pipe in all its application. APPPL has got its technology tested and approved from various Government Institutions.

APPPL is promoted by technocrats, Mr Mehul K Patel and Mr Utkarsh B Patel who after their 50 years of collective experience in the field of agriculture farming equipments, automobile, research and development. They both belong to business families with widespread interest in manufacturing and services. Their only motto behind this product is to contribute to the society in terms of recycling material for application in various segments. Unlike other manufacturing units, the machine use for manufacturing of Porous Pipe is self designed and tested by our Directors.

APPROTECH was set up in 1998 to evaluate use of Subsoil Porous Pipe in agriculture in India. This was specially applied in Sugarcane, being high water requirement crop to study the efficiency of Water & Energy usage. Advancing from there, APP has graduated to manufacturing Porous Pipes for tropical to sub-Saharan climate. The system is adopted for low pressure low flow technique, thus eliminating continuous use of energy while irrigating and liberating micro-irrigation from the constraints of zoning. The use of APP, thus allows large farm lands to be irrigated at one time from a single water source.

At APPPL, we have a dedicated team for all our divisions. Our team includes highly efficient staff starting from our lowest grade to the top line of administration staff.