The word aeration has a vast range of definition. But when it comes to APP and Aeration, the major use of Porous Pipe is in the Shrimp Farming and Fish Aquariums.
This application out of all the other is the most recent and was launched in mid of 2015. In aeration, our product APP has proved to be lot more advantageous than the present conventional methods.
For shrimp farming, a circuit of Porous Pipe is made and laid under the water. The depth of the circuit depends of the how deep the water is in the pond. The circuits are then connected with a blower, which continuously blows air into the pond. Here are some of the advantages of using APP over conventional system;
  1. Easy Installation
  2. Saves Energy.
  3. Easy to Maintain
  4. Faster Oxygen difusion
  5. Increases weight of the shrimp.