About Porous Pipe

About Porous Pipe

Pioneer In Sub-Surface Irrigation System with APPROTECH Porous Pipe.

The Patented Technology.

APPROTECH Porous Pipe is a low flow/ low pressure system to introduce moisture to the soil at a rate the soil can absorb the water at it's natural pace.

APPROTECH Porous Pipe maintains appropriate moisture in the soil, thus helping the extensive root development, eliminating Dry and Wet cycle.

Through APPROTECH Porous Pipe is made from Recycled Rubber & Thermorasins. APPROTECH Porous Pipe should be placed 8" to 12" below the surface of soil or below plowing depth (depending on type of soil).

APPROTECH Porous Pipe is a sub-Surface Irrigation (SSI), hence in comparison to surface applied water, evaporation loss/run-off and salt deposition is negligible.

APPROTECH Porous Pipe Sub-Surface Irrigation (SSI) System does not need to be removed and re-laid during Plantation, Inter-Cultivation, before/after Harvest, like other Micro Irrigation Systems.

  • All Types Of Crops Can Be Grown Uisng APP-SSI, Such As:
  • Farm Crops: Sugarcane, Banana, Papaya, Cotton, Groundnut, Egg Plant, Tomato, Castor, Potato, Kasava etc and all other Vegetables crops.
  • Horticulture Crops: Mango, Chickoo, Lemon, Bor, Fig, Amla, Guava, Coconut, Date, Dried Date, Grapes, Custard Apple, Coffe, Tea, Cocoa, Jojoba, Pineapple etc.
  • LandScape: Lawn & gardens, Hedges and Flower beds.

Features of APP-SSI

Features of Approtech Porous Pipe Sub-Surface Irrigation

Weeds, Diseases and Pest which occur due to surface watering is reduced. Functional life Expectly of 15*.

There is no possibility of clogging of APPROTECH Porous Pipe due to salt desposation, as pipe is not exposed to sunlight.

APPROTECH Porous Pipe is not damaged by Boars, Rats, Dogs,Deer, Fire atc as it is under the surface.

Using APPROTECH Porous Pipe more than 100 Acres can be irrigated at the same time (with availability of adequate water flow). without creating zones as it is a very low pressure system.

Man power required to operate APPROTECH Porous Pipe Sub-Surface Irrigation(SSI) is minimal.

Installation & Advantages

Approtech Installation Layout and Advantages of APP SSI

  • No continuous energy required for operating.
  • Moisture band is maintained at the root zone.
  • No Moisture loss due to evaporation Or run off
  • Large Areas can be Irrigated without creating Zones.
  • No maintenance and easy to operate.
  • Extensive root zone development due to availability of moisture.
  • Less weed growth.
  • Does not get damaged by rats, dogs or any pests.
  • Functional life of 15+ years.
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